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About Us

Dreams Agency Ltd was established and founded in the summer of 2010 and is now widely recognised as one of the UK's leading promotional staffing agencies across the UK. In 2014 Dreams Agency launched their international division meaning they cover over x10 international locations and offer locally based staff.

The success of Dreams Agency is down to each and every person who works within the agency, not only the office staff but the promotional team who work the events on a daily basis. Dreams Agency pride themselves on a close working team environment with all office staff and the field team. This ensures all events run smoothly and we always provide our clients the best staff in the industry.

Dreams Agency work all around the clock both within the office and field staff. Our UK office team normally start from 7am and often work late into the evenings, this allows our UK headquarters to interact with our global divisions and ensure all overseas events including the US through to Australia are running according to plan.

We are also one of the very few staffing agencies in the world to have their own in-house clothing department which manufactures bespoke garments and ships to clients all over the world. Its very likely that you would have seen some of our garments at major sporting events including the Formula 1, Moto GP, Touring Car, NASCAR plus many more global events.

Meet the team
Sue – International Development Director

Sue has been at the agency since 2010 and plays a vital part in the general running of the agency. Sue is mostly responsible for expanding the agency globally and is often jet setting off to various countries setting up our international branches. During 2014 Sue opened up x10 international branches and is planning to open another x3 this year. Sue also manages all international bookings as well as managing part of the promotional staff team.

Sue has been in the industry longer than anyone and has an outstanding record of 30 years in the promotional marketing sector.

Dean – Global Management Director

Dean founded Dreams in 2010 and has always worked in the sales and marketing industry, he's a real go getter and the real drive behind the agency. He works on new business bookings, marketing, clothing, international bookings and the general running of the agency, so basically does a bit of everything. He's a very fair and easy going guy, but at the same time very firm if needed.

Amy – Regional Bookings Manager

Amy started her career at Dreams Agency in the summer of 2014 and is a true asset to the agency. Amy is responsible for new business, staff management, staff portfolio control, bookings, admin and assists our accounts department. Amy has excelled so much within the agency and is constantly growing. Amy manages our U.K bookings team and is currently assisting Dean & Sue in regards to our American Division.

Chloe – Promotional Staff Booker

Chloe is the baby of the agency and joined in the Summer of 2016. Chloe is responsible for new business, staff management, staff portfolio control, bookings and various admin duties. When you call into the agency you will mostly likely be greeted by Chloe. Chloe also looks after our clothing line and is constantly adding new and exciting lines to our range. Chloe also works alongside Amy with the day to day duties.

Linda – Senior Accountant

Linda is the finance manager and runs the brains of the accounts, without Linda we wouldn't know what's going on. Linda looks after all of the figures, bills and runs the staff PAYE. She is also responsible for the VAT and Tax returns and ensuring Dreams keeps on track. Linda has over 30 years' experience from working in accounts and works all around the clock.

Gina – Bookkeeper

Gina is our part time accountant who processes staff invoices and processes client invoices. Gina is responsible for ensuring all invoices are paid on time both from clients and to the staff. Gina works alongside Linda and assists her in the day to day accounting.

Steve – Sales & Marketing Director

Steve has been with the agency since the beginning and leads our sales and marketing campaigns. Steve is responsible for all advertising and leads the sales team into battle every day. If you are a client of ours and have previously worked with us or have an upcoming meeting scheduled in, then Steve will be the chap you meet with. Steve has over 30 years' experience in sales and marketing and won numerous awards in this industry.

Steve W – Media & Communications Manager

Steve has been with the agency since 2014 and heads up our media, marketing and advertising platforms. Steve is mostly based from our U.K office although spends around 3 months out of the year based in our Miami office. Steve is the good looking chap you will see in our presentation video along with Lisa. Steve often attends press conferences and for our major marketing campaigns Steve is the chap who will come to visit you with a fancy presentation.

Lisa – Senior Legal Manager

Lisa works in our legal department and so is responsible for looking after all model, staff and TV contracts as well as the naughty clients who don't pay on time. Lisa has over 15 years' experience from working in the Law industry and keeps everything above board at the agency.

Lisa S – Florida Bookings Manager

Lisa joined Dreams agency in 2016 and heads up our bookings team from our Miami, Florida office and generally runs our Miami office. During 2017 Lisa played a vital role in setting up our US division and also features in our marketing videos below. Lisa has been working in the events and promotions industry for 15 years now and most of her experience comes from working as an events manager at various events across the US.

Aldo – Lead Creative Developer

Aldo is our techy guy and basically is the man who keeps the Dreams site going and improving it. You would have not spoken to him as we keep him locked away in his tiny office! Aldo ensures the site is constantly being developed and looks after lots of other computer stuff which quite frankly none of us have a clue about, all we know is it works. Aldo is very busy building the new system along with his helpers who have been brought in for the new build assignment.

UK Presentation

USA Presentation

What our clients say...

"The promotional staff supplied by Dreams Agency were very friendly and professional. They very much became part of our stand team, and helped generate interest in our stand.."
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